Cleveland, Mississippi



Art, Computer, Library, music, Physical Education, soar, Spanish, and STEM lab

Presbyterian Day School understands the importance of exposing our students to a well-rounded curriculum. The wide variety of special classes offered outside the classroom setting are an important part of our students' education at PDS. Our students not only receive an excellent education in the classroom but also in the special classes they attend each day. PDS is privileged to offer more special classes than any school in our area. Our students attend music twice a week and all other special class once a week. Our special classes include music, art, computer, library, Spanish, physical education, STEM lab (science, technology, engineering math) and SOAR lab (a reading/ vocabulary enrichment program).   

Our special classes are used to teach new information as well as to reinforce skills or units of study taught in the classroom. Our classroom teachers and special teachers work hand-in-hand to blend learning in all classes. The special classes provide students with a different approach to learning and help develop skills of discipline and focus. Our special teachers are often able to motivate students that may be difficult to motivate in the regular classroom. Our special classes help build a school culture that is vibrant, interesting and has something to offer each child. At Presbyterian Day School, students are exposed to many forms of learning. Our students use this exposure; along with the excellent academic foundation they receive, to become well-rounded, productive, citizens.

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